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Privacy policy.

Global Connect Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) will promote the protection of personal information by making all the employees thoroughly aware of the importance of personal information protection, and establishing personal information protection policy.

  1. Management of private information.

    The company will strictly manage private information by enforcing safety by educating employee thoroughly, facility managing system and maintaining security system to prevent illegal access, lost, damage, implement, and leak of private information.

  2. Purpose of use.

    The company will use private information for sending e-mail and documents for replying questions and business announcements from our company, using information provided by customers.

  3. Prohibits disclosure to the third party.

    The company will not disclose private information to the third party, except if it correspond to any of the following.

    1. If it is necessary by law to disclose information for delegate participant and agreed by our customer.
    2. Requested by law from government authorities such as courts and police, or having special regulation by law.
    3. Unable to have agreement from one and harm the life, body, assets and honor of a customer and third party.
    4. Unable to have agreement from one and need to protect the company`s rights, assets or services against laws and our company`s regulation and precaution.
  4. Safety measures

    The company put perfect measures to the security for safety and to secure safety of private information.

  5. Your inquiries

    Requests for inquiries, edit and deletion of personal information, the company will process after confirming that person who is requesting is he/herself.

  6. Review of law and compliance code

    The company will review this policy appropriately

  7. Contact

    Please contact to the following for our companies management of private information.

    Global Connect co., Ltd.
    443-2, Naruda, Odawara Shi, Kanagawa Ken, 250-0862, Japan
    TEL:+81-465-37-8880 / FAX:+81-465-37-8881

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