Safety fence “Robofence” is for preventing intrusion accident in the work place.

In year 2007, Ministry of economy announced next generation robot safety guide line, with requirement for the safety fence since robot’s technological improvement. Robofence is easily moved and freely installed according to the work site. We can correspond to other special materials such as stainless steel made and custom made.

In year 2010, “RoboFence” was selected as chiba monozukuri certified products by Chiba prefecture.

Custom-made safety fences! Robo fence`s amazing feature!

  • Easy to build.
  • 1m unit ready-made product.
  • Easy to move.
  • Choose your own color.

Used for security measures for automated machines, offices, automated warehouses, and factory tour courses.

Light but strong and made with steel pipe!

The RoboFence implementation at the Japan testing center for construction materials. (JTCCM).

  • 強度試験結果
    • Breaking point in the central part of the wire mesh: 2520N.

      Breaking point in the central part of the wire mesh: 2520N.

    • Breaking point at side frame: 8680N.

      Breaking point at side frame: 8680N.

Assembly Procedure.

Assembly Procedure.
  • 1 Install fence base. (door base)
  • 2 Line up corner fences. (door)
  • 3 Install ceiling connecting corner plate.
  • 4 Install corner connecting plate. (2parts, top and bottom)
  • 5 Aline connecting fences(door).
  • 6 Install ceiling connecting plate.
  • 7 Install fence connecting plate. (top and bottom 2 parts)
  • 8 Anchoring.
  • 9 Install safety switch. (optional for door part)

Please note.

  • Please be careful not to get your hands or feet caught when assembling.
  • Secure each part according to the assembly procedure. Please check for loose tightening.

Various combination!

Can be assembled in according to various use.

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